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Hopeful Hearts was founded in April 2008 by Adam & Terra Chez. The Foundation was started to honor Gracie Chez’s (born with CHD) memory who passed a few days before her third birthday; the lives of their two surviving children, Luke and Abigail who live with CHD; as well as the lives of hundreds of thousands of children affected by CHD and the families that are caring for them. Hopeful Hearts was formed to:

1) build both awareness of and support for families that have been affected by congenital heart disease

2) to energize and fund research for valve replacement

3) to promote early detection

Through the Foundation, we strive to promote the health of children with congenital heart defects and cardiac disease, while honoring our son Luke and daughter Abbey who live with Tetralogy of Fallot, and the memory of their sister Gracie and all the other children who have passed too soon.

Have a great time working out with a purpose at CrossFit Newport Beach on May 31st to raise funds for Hopeful Hearts Foundation. Never tried CrossFit before? Don’t worry!! Everyone is welcome.

Did you know 1 in 100 babies are born with a heart defect? Several of our CrossFit members have been directly affected by congenital heart defects and we are going to have a Workout Of The Day (WOD) that will leave you panting for water and hungry for the food trucks and Starbucks that will be arriving after the workout!

Check out who we are and what we do! Help the 1 in 100 who live with CHD.

Here is the link to sign up and register for the event.

This is Sirous who is a CHD child and son to CrossFit Newport Beach client Zinatt.



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Specialty Classes:

The Iron weightlifting offered on Tuesday and Thursday night at 5:30pm.  This program will focus on teaching beginners Olympic Weightlifting technique and developing competitive weightlifters and CrossFiters. Olympic Weightlifting is the best way to add power and strength to any sport.

The Iron Endurance offered Monday-Friday at 7am is a class for people looking to improve their sport specific endurance goals and guidance on how to scale your training prior to competition. Classes will consist of longer workouts with an emphasis on intervals of varying distances/times and lighter weight/higher reps. If you are a sport specific endurance athlete, cyclist, runner, triathlete or a CrossFit Competitor that needs more volume, the Iron Endurance class would be the  addition to your current program that you have been looking for. Several of our coaches have extensive background in endurance sports and will be able to assist each athlete, regardless of sport, on the proper way to add Iron Endurance to your program.




Friday, Feb 14

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Tuesday Feb 25th 2014:

Hydrostatic dunk tank testing at CFNB.

Read the above quote again. The sign up sheet still has time slots to be filled.

Open CFNB contest!

Wednesday, Feb 5

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Ok Newps here is a little something extra to get you motivated for the open at our gym!  The 1st place male and female at our gym will win 1 month free membership.  The 2nd place male and female will win a t-shirt and open entrance fee paid.  You will need to be signed up for the open to participate.  Remember to register under CrossFit Newport Beach as your affiliate.


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Coming to CrossFit Newport Beach on February 25th will be the Fitness Wave Hydrostatic mobile body fat testing unit. With the CrossFit Open beginning this month we would like to get an accurate measure of your progress over the next few months. The sign up sheet will be posted tomorrow. First dunk begins at 8am and goes to noon then resumes at 3:30pm till 7pm. $75.00 for both dunks. The truck will return in 3 months for your second dunk to verify your progress



Happy New Year!

Wednesday, Jan 1

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We hope everyone had fun during the Holiday’s but now it’s time to get back to the gym!

This Sunday we will be kicking off our first Yoga Tune Up class with client Stephanie Fish who is an Advanced Structural Integration Practitioner.

“I have been doing hands-on bodywork, teaching yoga and corrective exercise for over a decade.  I grew up playing sports, eventually playing Div. 1 soccer at Dartmouth College.  My career-ending injury is what fueled my interest into improving postural alignment and body-mechanics because after multiple surgeries and rehab, the conclusion from my medical team was “you were not meant to run” – a statement I just could not reconcile.  Getting into Crossfit here at Newport Beach has been awesome – I finally feel like an athlete again.  I am happy to share what I have learned to help people take care of their bodies and perform better.  Yoga Tune Up is a system that combines self-myofascial release with yoga postures and mobility exercises.  It is excellent for enhancing proprioception, releasing areas that are too tight, and waking up areas that haven’t been stabilizing enough.  I look forward to seeing you on Sundays.”

The Details:

It will start this Sunday at 10am and will be on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month.  Please bring your own yoga mat and a beach towel.