Member Profiles

Albert T

Age: 28
Occupation: Preconstruction/Estimating Assistant
Started Crossfit: May 2012
Why I choose Crossfit: Overall health/challenge and the following: I want to be able to slap pain/exhaustion/fatigue/doubt in the face and own it. I want to look in the mirror and be jealous of my reflection. I would want my grandkids to keep up with me, not the other way around.....And another place I can call family.
Other Hobbies: basketball, snowboarding, surfing, SUP, running, jiu jitsu, movie watching, competing, camping, hiking, biking, training, new adventures.

Andrew G

Age: 26
Occupation: Chef
Started Crossfit: May 5 2011
Why I choose Crossfit: It has made me stronger physically and mentally. There is nothing I can't do. And the people at CFNB are truly amazing and I love every second that I am there.


Age: 33
Occupation: Art Director
Started Crossfit: 2009
Why I choose Crossfit: I like crossfit for the physical and mental challenge that you can't find in a typical gym. The group atmosphere provides motivation to push yourself and the coaches and family at CFNB are the the best.
Other Hobbies: Backpacking, hiking, shooting photos and guns, art, snowboarding

Beek [kawika] T

Age: 31
Occupation: Quantitative Analyst
Started Crossfit: January 2012
Why I choose Crossfit: I hate gyms and machines, but love being active and having external motivation to push me into being better. I love CrossFit because it makes me tough on the outside, while at the same time the CrossFit family making me feel all gooey on the inside :)
Other Hobbies: Surfing, Dancing, Bouldering, Skating, Loving

Bill M

Age: 34
Occupation: Program Manager
Started Crossfit: January 2012
Why I choose Crossfit: I was looking for something to stay active and fit and to supplement my triathlon training, which admittedly tends to suffer during the winter months. I've had an active, regular gym membership for years and I'm simply not the gym rat I used to be and get bored there way too easily now. I've heard about CrossFit for a while and have many friends that do it. I was extremely hesitant at first hearing about all sorts of injuries, but something kept having me come back and do more research on it. After reading about the type of workouts that are done, it sounded more and more like what I used to do back in college for cross training when I swam and rowed crew. I went to several CrossFit boxes in the area and just wasn't getting the vibe I was looking for until I walked into CrossFit Newport Beach. Both the trainers and members were all very friendly and approachable. The trainers seemed very knowledgeable and were persistent in making sure people were pushing while still maintaining good form. The people I watched that were attending the classes were hitting it hard, but didn't have a psycho, I'm going to tear your head off type of mentality. Now being a member, I can honestly say that I love it and will be there for a real long time.
Other Hobbies: Triathlon, swimming, cycling, hiking, paddle-boarding, kayaking, snowboarding, flag football, dodgeball.

Bill G

Age: 48.....BAM!
Occupation: Marketer, Shirtless Wonder
Started Crossfit: January, 2011
Why I choose Crossfit: I was always a runner and just became burned out after years of the same old thing. CFNB has become an incredibly important and integral part of the Groux family's life (wife Susan and daughter Elizabeth). While the physical and mental challenges have helped to put me in the best shape of my life, the CFNB community has become my extended family. The combination of professional instruction and emotional support from the staff and other members of the CFNB community has expanded my group of friends and greatly improved the quality of my life. if you're new and considering a CrossFit gym to join, look no further. I have worked out at many CrossFit gyms locally and nationally, and nothing compares to the level of instruction, genuine support and good feelings you'll receive from CFNB. I love this place! Oh, and I have been known to rank very highly in certain WODs in my age group. Just sayin'.....
Other Hobbies: Golf, Running, Snow Globe Collector (just kidding)

Bruce M

Age: 57
Occupation: Conference Producer
Started Crossfit: 2009 or so
Why I choose Crossfit: At first, it was to get Jon and Ellory off my back. Dianne was an inspiration. I thought it would help me with my tennis (which it did…). Then, it became fun, completely independent of how it helped me with other sports. I can see 60-years old pretty clearly now. I am more interested in bone density and triglycerides than I am in PR’s and lifting heavy stuff (although I do like the occasional PR and heavy lift). My goal? Twenty years from now, if I have to get up off the floor, I’ll be able to throw in a couple burpees, a 30-second plank and a Superman. I’ll call it a Bruce Getup.rn
Other Hobbies: Tennis, Golf, Business, Politics

Bryan H

Age: 26
Occupation: Realtor
Started Crossfit: March 2009
Why I choose Crossfit: I told a friend I had hit a really hard Plateau and he said I have just the thing to cure it. Needless to say Crossfit did exactly what he said it would do.
Other Hobbies: Ice Hockey, Surfing, Snow Boarding, TV, Movies...

Cameron V

Age: 33
Started Crossfit: May 2011
Why I choose Crossfit: Tired of getting beat up at recess.

Carl B

Age: 39
Occupation: Strength and Conditioning Coach
Started Crossfit: 2005
Why I choose Crossfit: There are many reasons but being able to train hard, see results in performance and have others by your side making the same gains is something that cannot be overlooked!
Other Hobbies: I race Bicycles, Used to run Ultras and rock climb a bit but I mostly just watch people pick up heavy stuff and put it down.

Cat S

Age: 41
Occupation: Occupational Therapist
Started Crossfit: 2007
Why I choose Crossfit: There are too many reasons why I LOVE Crossfit. #1 My CFNB family keeps me smiling. #2 I get to lift heavy things. #3 I get to lift heavy things.
Other Hobbies: Drinking Bud Light, hugging, and lifting heavy things

Christopher G

Age: 28
Occupation: Sr. Graphic Designer at RVCA
Started Crossfit: 2010
Why I choose Crossfit: CrossFit has helped me become physically prepared to do anything.
Other Hobbies: Being #1!

Corey C

Occupation: Maven Factotum
Why I choose Crossfit: A few reasons I choose CrossFit: 1) Crossfit = perpetual personal goal setting. It's an individual workout in a team environment -- each person uses their own performance as personal metrics to (figuratively) raise their individual bar. 2) The workouts are never boring and always challenging. 3) The supportive environment fuels motivation -- it's inspiring to see the successes and tenacious efforts of fellow crossfitters. And, nothing brings people together more than mutual hatred {of burpees, or other least favorite thing}. One reason I choose CrossFit NB: 1) I like the people and trust the trainers.

Corey K

Age: 37
Occupation: BOOOM
Started Crossfit: April 2008
Why I choose Crossfit: Because I like working out with my friends!
Other Hobbies: Mathematics and music

Dan H

Age: 34
Occupation: Marketing Manager
Started Crossfit: June 2008
Why I choose Crossfit: Mentally and physically I have never felt better. Well somedays I can't walk or lift my arms, but I feel great on the inside.
Other Hobbies: Chewing bubblegum and kicking ass and I am all out of bubblegum.

Dave C

Age: 42
Occupation: owner clarke insurance agency
Started Crossfit: 2007
Why I choose Crossfit: it's more fun then any other form of training and I cannot express enough how much I appreciate the support of the other athletes and trainers.
Other Hobbies: being with my family, sailing, beach time, and eating good food.

David F

Age: 37
Occupation: CPA
Started Crossfit: December 2011
Why I choose Crossfit: Because, it is awesome!!! I joined because it had great programs, and well qualified coaches, beyond just the normal Crossfit qualifications, and endurance based programs for us crazies that like to participate in endurance sports. they helped me go from barely finishing a 5K, to finishing 40+ miles, and 50K's. Plus going to classes are like going to visit friends, everyone is friendly and helpful, and it is always great to catch up with them.
Other Hobbies: Running, while, getting muddy, going over and under things, carrying heavy stuff, getting shocked, being cold. Oh, and cycling, surfing, sleeping, cat wrangling

Edith I

Age: 38
Occupation: Staff Recruiter
Started Crossfit: September 2011
Why I choose Crossfit: I needed a change and to challenge myself. CrossFit does all of this. I love being in and out in one hour. The trainers are very knowledgeable and helpful. I've never enjoyed working out so much until now. I don't even mind being sore all the time. CFNB is my happy place.
Other Hobbies: Running, wine tasting, cooking and anything outdoors.

Elizabeth G

Age: 14
Occupation: Imprisoned Student
Started Crossfit: March, 2011
Why I choose Crossfit: Cause it's da bomb.
Other Hobbies: Writing, reading and eating skittles.

Eric L

Age: 25
Occupation: Bad a** Barista (Shift Supervisor-Sbux)
Started Crossfit: February 2012
Why I choose Crossfit: I chose CrossFit because I had never tried it before. I had spent years trying different things and figured why not this. I came in and watched everyone go through "fight gone bad" and fell in love! Gave it a shot at a Saturday class and there was no other option, CrossFit was for me. I appreciate the time and effort that the staff takes to uniquely design these workouts everyday so that they are different. The group environment with the personal effort and the feel like you're with a personal trainer everyday is just an extraordinary feeling. My only regret about CrossFit is that I didn't start this sooner!
Other Hobbies: When I'm not slaying my body back into a perfect 10, I enjoy studying criminal law, video games, Ragnar, singing in the shower!

Frank F

Age: 27
Occupation: Project Manager for Sprint/Boost Mobile
Started Crossfit: August 2011
Why I choose Crossfit: I was getting bored with the typical "bench press and bicep curl" days at 24 Hour Fitness and had been hearing awesome things from some friends about Crossfit. Finally did my homework and decided CFNB would be the best fit for me to get results and meet some cool people. So far, so good. And also, if there is ever a zombie apocalypse... #darwinism
Other Hobbies: I like long walks on the beach and nights cuddled up watching a good movie with some hot cocoa. I don't like any drama... Wait.. Oops, thought this was my eHarmony account. Carry on, nothing to see here.

Garett M

Age: 24
Occupation: design/production assistant @ toddland
Started Crossfit: september 2011
Why I choose Crossfit: because the day i can't use my body to be active is the day i'm ready to go onto the next life. crossfit prevents my body from giving up..... and i don't want a double chinny chin chin
Other Hobbies: surfing, whomping, hiking, adventuring, runnin' wild

Jeremy L

Age: 30
Occupation: Freelance Web Developer
Started Crossfit: October 2011
Why I choose Crossfit: My occupation requires extended hours sitting at a desk at home. I like CrossFit because not only do I get a great workout to balance out sitting on my butt all day, but I also get to spend time with an awesome, diverse group of people. My first reason for starting at CFNB was for the workout, but the longer I'm there I think I'd miss the friends I've made more than the workouts.
Other Hobbies: Anything with wheels and/or an engine!

Joy C

Age: 27
Occupation: Telemetry Tech/Nursing Student
Why I choose Crossfit: I was hooked after watching last years games... actually tried a HSPU that night! I like the group workout and having a trainer that can tell me exactly how and why to do a certain exercise. And I love the CFNB family atmosphere.
Other Hobbies: Anything at the beach!


Age: 25
Occupation: Selling Stuff
Started Crossfit: August 2010
Why I choose Crossfit: To lift heavy, eat heavy, and do cool sh*t...
Other Hobbies: Napping, speed walking, surfing, photography, and the occasional turtle racing...


Age: 31
Occupation: Serial Entrepreneur
Started Crossfit: May 2011
Why I choose Crossfit: I love the workouts and the community CFNB has to offer. Crossfit has helped me excel in many other aspects of my life like business and dancing.
Other Hobbies: Golf, basketball, and online dating.

Lisa H

Age: 34
Occupation: Trademark Paralegal
Started Crossfit: September 2011
Why I choose Crossfit: I wanted a more challenging workout and to build strength.
Other Hobbies: Soccer, snowboarding, being in the sun

Loic B

Age: 26
Occupation: trader jose
Started Crossfit: 2009
Why I choose Crossfit: airdyne afficionado.
Other Hobbies: bodysurfing mother Wedge, crushing pints of ice cream.

Marti M

Age: 35
Occupation: Mortgage Banker
Started Crossfit: July 2012
Why I choose Crossfit: I have a short attention span, especially with repetitive work outs. Having a group work out that is different every day is AMAZING! I have never been pushed so hard physically and I love it. Plus, it's fun to meet new like-minded people.
Other Hobbies: Kickboxing, WINE.....did I mention wine??


Age: 35
Occupation: cowboy astronaut wizard millionaire
Started Crossfit: the long long ago when it was Genetic Potential (5+yrs)
Why I choose Crossfit: Because 24hr and all the other Globo gyms kicked me out for thinking I was a homeless guy. I didn't choose Crossfit, I chose Crossfit Newport Beach. I've been going to the gym before it became a Crossfit gym. Love the people and friends I made there and that it doesn't feel like a "gym". It feels more like I'm hanging out with my friends and busting my ___ at the same time. A wod is a wod but the people at CFNB are what makes the gym different. Been at the gym for like 5+ years now and couldn't imagine doing anything else or working out with a better group of people. Carl trained me for my first ultra, and after tons of 24hr races, 50 milers, Ultras, GoRucks, Triathalons, Mudders, and anything else stupid I can find, I'm still coming back for more.
Other Hobbies: Beard farming, Having the world's largest calves, Ultra running, Trail Running, GoRucks, Anything outdoors that is stupid and difficult that you get a patch or a tee shirt for doing. If it's something to do that people think is "crazy" or "stupid" I'm usually already signed up for it (along with 10 other people from the gym)

Mathieu V

Age: 21
Occupation: Boatman
Started Crossfit: 2011? not sure
Why I choose Crossfit: It's the perfect program to cross train with rowing in my opinion. Crossfit points out and helps me strengthen any weaknesses I have.
Other Hobbies: row, hike, ruck, trail run, free dive, open water swimming, bodysurf, surf, skateboard, and at the end of the day I like to wind down with a glass of scotch and a cuban cigar..

Matt E

Age: 36
Occupation: Auto Insurance Adjuster
Started Crossfit: June 2011
Why I choose Crossfit: I used to go to the gym all the time and I would try to change things up but I would always find myself doing the same thing. My friend Marissa told me about CFNB so I checked it out and fell in love right away. Every WOD is tough and all the members and trainers push you to be your best at each one... I'm hooked for life!!!
Other Hobbies: I love baseball and football I've played and watched both for as long as I can remember. I'm currently learning how to paddle board and surf and I'm about as good at those as I am at oly. lifting. Other than that I just relax whenever possible.

Matt D

Age: 25
Occupation: Mortgage Consultant
Started Crossfit: Sep 2011
Why I choose Crossfit: There is only so much you can do with a dumbell or a machine until you plateau. Crossfit Wod's are always changing and the level of fitness is always improving. The trainers at CFNB make it easy for me because I just show up, get my ass kicked, and have fun doing it.
Other Hobbies: Anything with a board or a ball.

Meghan B

Age: 23
Occupation: Bean Counter
Started Crossfit: August 2011
Why I choose Crossfit: I love having to peel myself up from the floor after a WOD.
Other Hobbies: I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.

Mel M

Age: 32
Occupation: Owner CrossFit Newport Beach
Started Crossfit: 2006
Why I choose Crossfit: Its the only way to go!

Mike A

Age: 44
Occupation: Service Advisor @ Toyota
Started Crossfit: 2007
Why I choose Crossfit: It's like a cult, but in a good way.
Other Hobbies: Eating great food and drinking even better wine.


Age: 42
Occupation: IT Director for OBEY Clothing
Started Crossfit: 2008
Why I choose Crossfit: I originally started CrossFit because I won a Biggest Looser contest when I worked at Paul Frank. See I was an ex Bicycle Racer that got injured than fat and lazy... Honestly I hated myself because of it. I saw the biggest looser contest as a way to get started. I met everybody at CFNB during a pep talk at Paul Frank. I got out there did the work and won the contest for a free month or something like that. Yes I was intimidated but Yes I did it. Soon after I was addicted to it. Soon after that I was back seriously on my bike and started racing agin. I use CrossFit to keep me in race shape for my cycling. but honestly I can say CrossFit and everybody at CrossFit Newport Beach saved my life! SO THANK YOU CFNB!
Other Hobbies: Riding and racing my bicycles... Road, Mountain, and Cyclocross...

Ryan J

Age: 39
Occupation: General Contractor
Started Crossfit: October 2011
Why I choose Crossfit: I have experience riding/racing motocross and had never really had any type of physical training off the dirt bike. So I got started cycling/mountain biking with my cousin Bierman a few years ago and he recently told me that he joined Crossfit. I noticed how Bierman's cycling competition results from the last year were very good and that he had gotten so much faster and stronger. He kept telling me that I should join Crossfit and that my cycling/motocross fitness would clearly benefit. I listened and here I am today. rnrnI joined CrossfitNB Oct. 2011. The trainers and members are so supportive. Everyday that I go in to do a WOD is a learning experience. Some of things that I'm learning at CF are how to stretch and lift weights properly all the way to eating healthy. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work out with such knowledgeable trainers and friendly members.
Other Hobbies: Fishing / Surfing / Wakeboarding / Snowboarding / Golf / Motocross racing / MTB racing


Age: 25
Occupation: Student/Nanny
Started Crossfit: March 2011
Why I choose Crossfit: I love a good challenge and I love getting my ass kicked everyday!
Other Hobbies: Surfing and midget tossing.

Sean F

Age: 38
Occupation: Motorcycle Repair/Shop Owner
Started Crossfit: August 2011
Why I choose Crossfit: I've always wanted to simultaneously be Conan the Barbarian and a Ninja. Barbells and speed ropes are the swords
Other Hobbies: Motorbike riding and racing, push-bike riding, drums, cats, dogs, off-roading, nerd machines, gardening, and my chick.

Sean a.k.a. diddy P

Age: 29
Occupation: Software Engineer
Started Crossfit: December 2009
Why I choose Crossfit: CrossFit brings a level of fitness that most people cant comprehend. I mean, you tell people what you do in CrossFit and you can see they get a "you crazy" look on their face. CrossFit and Newps more specifically brings out the best in me physically and mentally. This is something you do not get with other forms of fitness training. The people you meet at Newps also is a key factor that sets its above the rest. These people go through the same pain you do each and every WOD. And a side effect of all of this is that you gain a group of friends that becomes your family.
Other Hobbies: Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool

Steve L

Age: 38
Occupation: starbucks
Started Crossfit: dec 11
Why I choose Crossfit: I felt like I leveled off as an athlete and wanted to train with some of the best athletes and coaches around. I love the family feel, the coaching and support from everyone during the workouts.
Other Hobbies: running, duathalons, adventure racing, relays

Susan G

Age: 43
Started Crossfit: January 2011
Why I choose Crossfit: I was looking for a challenge and really wanted to change up my workout routine. I got so much more than I bargained for because not only am I in the best shape of my life, I have also found a wonderful community of people that challenge and support me.

Tyler C

Age: 27
Occupation: Sales Executive for Sharp
Started Crossfit: January 2012
Why I choose Crossfit: I choose crossfit because I was so sick of hitting the gym everyday, doing the same things and getting the same results. I was bored and found myself having to push myself into a workout. I tried crossfit one day with my girlfriends brother and knew right away this was for me. I look forward to getting pushed to my limits and getting stronger , both mentally and physically every day. Never again will I be a 24 hr fitness lemming!
Other Hobbies: Surfing, Golfing, and Pissing Excellence