CrossFit coaches at CrossFit Newport Beach

Manny Adams

Owner of CFNB

Crossfit Level 1 Trainer Cert and trainer at CFNB since March 2012.

Manny joined the CFNB family in July of 2011 and joined the staff shortly thereafter in December of 2011.  Prior to joining the CrossFit world, he was no stranger to weightlifting, as he competed in several competitions throughout his high school and college careers. Manny played football for the majority of his life, and after graduating from CSUN, he continued with his 24 Hour Fitness drone routines.  He was eventually coerced by his soon-to-be-wife, a CrossFit trainer herself, to try a WOD.  After a couple of months, these crazy WODs were delivering results and cutting his workout times in half.  He quickly snapped out of his mindless 24 Hour-routine, signed up for the CFNB technique class, and never looked back.

He looks forward to a lifetime of living and coaching the CrossFit lifestyle and spreading the word to anyone willing to give it a try. In his "free" time he is a husband to Ali, a father to Lucas, and a Firefighter for Fullerton Fire Department.

Ali Adams

As a lifelong competitive athlete, Ali participated in multiple sports including soccer, softball, volleyball, and track and field. She played softball for UCLA where she competed on the 2003 NCAA Division I National Champion Softball team. After earning her Bachelor's degree from UCLA in 2005, she accepted a position as Director of Operations in the UCLA Softball program.

Ali found CrossFit shortly after her time at UCLA and has never looked back. She obtained her CrossFit cert in 2011 and began coaching at an all-women's CrossFit gym where she stayed until 2014 when she joined her husband, Manny, at CrossFit Newport Beach. She has experienced firsthand the profound changes brought about by CrossFit. Her passion now is to bring that life change to others.

She is motivated by helping people push through barriers and realize they CAN do CrossFit, by seeing the joy and empowerment of someone achieving a personal goal and by witnessing members leading healthy lifestyles that lead to overall satisfaction and motivation for life.

Ali is CrossFit Level 1 and CPR Certified.

Sean Pathmanaban

Wanting to gain a greater overall state of fitness, Sean started training under the CrossFit methodology in 2009 with a background in competitive long distance running focusing on 5k to 10k distances. Since then, he has shifted his focus to Olympic Lifting as his skillset progressed in the gym. Sean is a Level 1 CrossFit coach and Olympic Lifting coach at CFNB.

Outside of the gym setting, Sean has earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and is a Senior Software Engineer at Zodiac Aerospace which specializes in on-board system solutions for commercial aircraft. Because of this background, he approaches coaching in a methodical and analytical way, striving to ensure that clients get the most that they can out of the time that they spend at the gym. To further facilitate this, he is constantly researching and gaining more knowledge in the areas of both CrossFit and Olympic Lifting.

Taylour Lauri

Crossfit Level 1 Trainer Cert and trainer at CFNB since October 2012.

Grew up on the east coast and was first introduced to the gym and a strength and conditioning program while playing high school sports.  Played defensive back for a small D1AA football program in Philadelphia, PA where he earned a business degree.  Stayed active in the gym after college but never strayed too far from the isolated powerlifting movements typical of the 24-hr fitness scene.  Worked in Philly for three years before moving to the West Coast in Sept 2010.

I was introduced to CrossFit at CrossFit Newport Beach in May 2011 and joined shortly thereafter with the intention of trying something new for a few months before going back to my normal 24 hr fitness routine; I cancelled my 24 membership three months later.  CrossFit was hard. And completely foreign to me (HSPUs, OH squats, stretching and flexibility, kipping anything, Oly lifting...the list goes on).  And it made me realize every weakness that my previous gym routine neglected to address. Two years later and there's still plenty to work on, but I'm stronger, healthier and "more fit" than I've ever been in the past.

Best advice:  The answer is always heavy back squats.

Dave Clarke

Dave Clarke completed his Level 1 Certification as CrossFit Trainer in Bogota, Columbia in April of 2010.  He has been training primarily under the tutelage of Melissa & Carl at CrossFit Newport Beach since November of 2009 and is familiar with many members especially with the 6:00 AM (coffee) crew.

When not in the gym, Dave is busy with his insurance business, wife, and three kids (ages 3, 6, and 9).   They can be frequently seen on Saturdays doing burpees and swinging from the pull-up bars.  He studied at UCLA earning a bachelor of arts degree in 1993 which is where he met Teryn, his wife.

Dave started as an athlete swimming competitively in the 4th grade and also played baseball through 8th.  In high school, he played water polo and was a member of the swim team.  He held the school record for the 200 yard free-style for several years.  Having lifted with the polo team in high school he continued a regular regime at a “big box” gym until finding in 2008.  His first WOD was “The Filthy 50″ and he was hooked.  It wasn’t long after that, that he came to CrossFit Newport Beach.  In addition to competitive swimming and polo, Dave also sails.  He was on the sailing team in college and still sails today competing in local, long distance ocean and international events.  Since joining CFNB, he has also competed in several running races including 3 Camp Pendleton Mud Runs, one of which was a team CFNB effort, and a half marathon.  He placed 2nd in his age group at the Boot Camp Challenge at the MCRD in San Diego 2010, 2ndplace at the 1st Battalion 1st Marines’ Foundation Beach Challenge 2011 in Newport Beach and was on the winning team for that same race, also a CFNB team effort.

Dave has coached his kids in swimming, baseball, and soccer adding some CrossFit-type training to all those sports during practices.  He makes training fun by adding some games and creativity to each workout.  We hope your kids will enjoy working out with Dave while getting in shape for a particular sport or just for general health.

Ewan Choate

Ewan is a Crossfit level 1 certified coach, CPR certified and IWF Referee.
Growing up in Newport Beach, Ewan competed in surf contests along with snowboarding and skiing.  He joined Crossfit NB  in 2009, which proved to be the most effective way to increase stamina, flexibility, and power for these activities.
Ewan graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in Philosophy, which has contributed to an analytic approach to training and training philosophy.
Ewan has competed and crewed in Ultra Marathons, Endurance and obstacle races, 30ks, 18ks, and 10ks.  His current focus is Olympic lifting.

Loic Bernard

Born and raised in Southern France for the first half of his life, and raised in Orange County for the latter.

Loïc discovered CrossFit on a Navy deployment to Somalia in 2008, and joined a newly opening CrossFit box in Virgina upon return. CrossFit opened new doors and instilled a thirst for trying new sports and learning new skills.

After two years of competitive CrossFit, Loïc decided to focus on ultra marathons with minimal running experience and just a love for mountain trails. He has completed numerous distances from 50K to 70mi with a recent 3rd overall at 100K, and two attempts at Leadville Trail 100.

Loïc is working towards his USAW level 1. His current focus is Olympic weightlifting and mopping those hard-to-get places!


Kawika "Beek" Tarayao

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certification and trainer at CrossFit Newport Beach since July 2013.

Beek grew up right here in Newport Beach and discovered CrossFit in January 2012. Searching for a workout routine that would both supplement his surfing and offer friendly competition, he found CrossFit Newport Beach and was immediately hooked.

Beek was a Swimmer and Water Polo player at Corona del Mar High School and at the University of California, Irvine. In addition to being a Financial Analyst by day and CrossFit Trainer by night, he has also been a Newport Beach Lifeguard since 1996. Beek has competed in over 10 NLI competitions, winning 1st place in the NLI Dynasty Series and 3rd place in the NLI Battlegroud Series. He ran his first marathon in 2013 with no training other than CrossFit and never wants to do it again.

As a trainer, Beek finds that helping others make gains by improving their technique is the most rewarding. "The CrossFit Newport Beach family has taken me in and taught me so much. I just want to give a little bit back."

Jeff Lowry aka "JLo"

Crossfit Level 1 Cert June 2012, trainer at CFNB since June 2015

Growing up in Utah, Jeff excelled at sports and was thrilled to receive a scholarship to play college football. Fortunately, he was injured the first week and returned home on an invitation from his high school coach to help coach his high school team. Falling in love with coaching, and coaching for 5 years Jeff never returned to play football (or go back to college) again.

Upon moving to Newport in 2009 Jeff decided to run his first marathon, running the 2010 Surf City Marathon in Huntington Beach. After running multiple marathons, relay races and 5k and 10k’s and many hours of research, he decided to take off his shoes and run barefoot and has never felt better. Many more 5k and 10k races have been done without shoes, and in May 2015, he ran his first half marathon, on pavement, barefoot. You will often see him warming up, coaching, or, (safety permitting) WODing without shoes.

Jeff found Crossfit in 2010 and immediately realized it was the sport that he never got to participate in after high school. He has competed in multiple NLI competitions (with shoes) and is looking forward to the next one.

Brian Escobar

Crossfit Level 1 Trainer Cert and trainer at CFNB since 2015.

Born and raised in Costa Mesa, Brian grew up playing sports: soccer, football, track and cross country, all of which he played up until his junior year. He then decided to focus on soccer as he received a full-ride scholarship to SOKA University; however, he suffered a torn meniscus his senior year. After a year of inactivity due to the injury, Brian was cleared for activity and quickly got back into the groove of things, initially running endless miles to get back in shape, and eventually running competitively and taking part in multiple Ragnar relay races with friends, who would eventually introduce him to CrossFit.

Before CrossFit, Brian did the old-fashioned 24 Hour Fitness routine. Once he was introduced to CrossFit Newport Beach to try a workout, there was no turning back. As an athlete, Brian developed a love and passion for the sport that then translated to becoming a coach. Looking to deliver that same love and passion as a coach that he has as an athlete, he looks forward to inspiring other athletes to push their limits and thresholds and do things they never thought they could do.

Brian also works as shift supervisor at a local Starbucks Coffee Shop and received his Bachelors of Arts degree with emphasis on Entertainment Studies from Cal State Fullerton in Spring of 2016.

Siena Squires

Siena is in the process of getting her CrossFit level-I certification. You can catch her in the gym shadowing our seasoned coaches and even leading a few classes preparing to coach on her own.

Siena grew up in Eugene, Oregon where she always had a love for sports, keeping herself involved with soccer, basketball, and track. She also grew up with a love for weightlifting, thanks to her father. After high school Siena kept herself active at your typical gyms trying to stay motivated and come up with workouts on her own. She first discovered CrossFit through her parents who had recently joined a gym in Oregon. While visiting, Siena signed up for a trail week. From there she was hooked, and it lit a fire in her that she had been missing. She found Crossfit Newport Beach in August of 2014 after moving to Southern California with her husband Bryan. Crossfit has become more to her than just a good workout, she has a love and passion for the sport and is always looking to improve and now enjoys helping others to improve and hopefully find a love for crossfit like she did.

Melissa Metzke

Founder of CFNB

Melissa Metzke is a USAW Level 1 Coach,  Level 2 Crossfit Headquarters Trainer and is ISSA certified.  Melissa is also a certified Crossfit Run Endurance, Crossfit Barbell, Crossfit Olympic Lifting, Crossfit Gymnastics, and a Greg Lemond Spin trainer. Melissa has completed 3 of Dr. Romonav’s POSE Method clinics.  She is CPR Certified.

Melissa was introduced to CrossFit in 2006 and opened CrossFit Newport Beach that same year.  She takes pride in having the longest running CrossFit gym in the Newport Beach/Costa Mesa area.  Before starting CrossFit, Melissa had been a personal trainer (ISSA) and spin instructor through Greg Lemond.  Melissa experimented with different training methods for about 3 years before CrossFit.  She quickly learned the advantages of CrossFit over other gym routines and got into the best shape of her life.  She still maintains her roots in the endurance world and loves training people for upcoming races, ultra marathon, marathon, triathlon, adventure races etc.